Share Your Events

Earth Day Network wants to know what you and your students are doing inside and outside the classroom to contribute to the environmental movement. Document your efforts through taking pictures and videos and share them with us so that we can highlight your students’ contribution to the environmental movement. You can share your pictures with Earth Day Network in one of the following three ways:


Choose 10 of your best pictures highlighting your students contributions to the environmental movement and A Billion Acts of Green ® and email them to Earth Day Network at


Like the “Know Green, Go Green” by clicking here and upload your school’s pictures. Be sure to include the school’s name and city and state in the picture.


Create a group on Flickr using your school’s name and upload your school’s pictures. Be sure to notify Earth Day Network that you have shared your pictures online.

Why Share Your Events?

Earth Day Network would like to recognize the schools that participate in  Earth Day 2012 events. To receive recognition in the form of a participation certificate and website acknowledgement that will list participating teachers and schools each teacher must complete the following:

  • Earth Day 2012 “Know Green, Go Green” Registration Form
  • Share their pictures with Earth Day Network via Flickr, Facebook, or email
  • Young Reader Pledge Information and Data
  • Earth Day 2012 Participant Evaluationwhich will posted at the end of the April at