Mobilize Your Students

In addition to incorporating environmental education into your lesson plans, Earth Day Network is encouraging teachers and administrators to organize fun Earth Day activities to help your students become more aware of their surroundings and their interactions with the environment. 

Educational activities and events will generate acts of green that can be included in Earth Day Network’s A Billion Acts of Green® campaign. The purpose of this campaign is tomobilize one billion acts of environmental service around the world.  The campaign calls for people of all nationalities to commit to an act that helps reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainability.  Collectively, these acts will not only have an  impact on global carbon emissions, but will also demonstrate the power of small every-day individual acts of green. Your students’ acts of green will become a part of this global campaign after you send in pictures  of your Earth Day activities.
Here are some ideas to get your students more involved in Earth Day and help generate some excitement about participating in A Billion Acts of Green®:
  • Start a school garden and challenge your students to maintain it throughout year
  • Encourage students to paint fun, colorful eco-murals with eco-friendly art supplies
  • Work with your Student Council/ Government to organize an Earth Day event or competition
  • Start a club or plan a volunteer event that encourages environmental awareness in your school and your community
  • Pick up trash at your school or in the community and dispose of it properly
  • Host an “Eco-Fair” and invite local environmental agencies to share information with students
  • Pick up trash at your school or in the community and dispose of it properly
  • Take a field trip to a local park or environmental landmark and help clean up trash while you are there
  • Teach your students about solar energy by cooking using just the sun
  • Lead an art project that only uses recycled items
  • Join the “Catalog-Canceling Challenge” which encourages kids to cancel the families unwanted catalogs in order to decrease the use of paper and help save trees
  • Go on a field trip to the zoo or aquarium and have a discussion about habitat destruction and pollution.
  • Make bird feeders and other wildlife feeders. Than place them around the school
  • Instead of buying new books and magazines, have students bring in their used or old reading materials and swap them
  • Organize a day when students try to use as little technology as possible in order to conserve energy
  • Watch environmentally themed movies and then have a class discussion

For more detailed information on how to set up an Earth Day 2012 event check out the Earth Day 2012 Organizer’s Guide below

Earth Day 2012 Organizer’s Guide