About MobilizeU


MobilizeU gives young environmental activists the platform to send their strongest message yet.


As a part of Earth Day Network’s global effort to Mobilize The Earth™, the Earth Day University campaign launches MobilizeU, an international movement of concerned and active college students competing and uniting around environmental action in support of a sustainable future.

MobilizeU is an international competition between colleges and universities that encourages students to engage their campus communities in four weeks of environmental activism surrounding Earth Day (March 29 - April 29). Over the month-long competition, students will mobilize their campuses to generate as many “acts of green” as possible, through activities such as registering new voters, collecting personal act-of-green pledges, leading community clean-ups, and organizing major Earth Day events, as well as amplifying environmental initiatives that their schools are already working on.

Each of these activities will be broken down into a calculable number of "acts of green," or actions that either educate someone about the environment or reduce an individual’s carbon footprint. Most commonly, acts of green can be quantified by the number of people educated at an event or the number of service hours donated during a community project.  Every act of green generated during MobilizeU will contribute to Earth Day Network's global A Billion Acts of Green® initiative - thus providing a platform for college students to make a significant impact on the international scale.

Student School Coordinators will report the number of acts of green generated on their campus at the end of each week during the competition, along with a creative photo or video documenting their efforts which they will post on the MobilizeU Facebook Hub. By sharing their acts of green through photos and videos on Facebook, MobilizeU student activists will be able to form connections with each other across the globe, and build an international community of concerned and active college environmentalists.


For more information contact MobilizeU@earthday.org